Saturday, September 27, 2008

I think I've Resolved the Ending. Thank You Chuck Russel and Frank Darabont.

I gotta tell you, the past few days have been tough. I've really been struggling with the ending of this film. The main problem is the intentions of this project have sort of changed. It started out as a short for Film Junk and an excuse to try out a few old school sfx. As things progressed, the script got bigger and the participation of some great actor's started steering this whole thing towards something a little more serious. Eventually, 10-15 pages turned into 30+, and some story ideas that were built to sustain a short ended up causing some hiccups throughout the final draft of the script. The ending simply wasn't strong enough.

So today I decided to sit down with a few of my favourite 80's horror films and get into the proper mindset to try and figure this problem out. I started off with Chuck Russel's 'The Blob' remake, penned by Frank Darabont. I loved that movie as a kid, and the effects are still pretty awesome. I also popped in Tobe Hooper's 'Invaders From Mars' remake. However, it was The Blog that sparked an idea in my mind...scientitst. From there, I started from the beginning of the script, going through and addressing any changes that are needed and making sure they're perpetuated throughout the story. When I got to the final act of the screenplay, I basically just sat and thought. I forced myself to solve this problem. This usually doesn't work because it seems the more I force myself to write, the less progress I make. However, in this case, it worked! I simply thought it through and came to a conclusion that works both thematically and logistically! I think I may have something.

Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know that all is good in the world of 'Colore Non Vedenti'. Also, I wanted to thank Dave Evans and Steve Wintle for some helpful brainstorming and humouring me when I suggested an Old Boy homage in which the hero kicks the shit out of a bunch of women in an extended hallway fight.


Ian said...

Good deal.

Drew said...

the blog? i think you mean the blob right. but you should submit this thing to sundance, for real, i think it only costs like 50 dollars to submit a short. Do it man, I want next years best short film oscar to go to Jay Cheel.

Jay C. said...

Yikes. I guess I had blogging on the brain.

I entered Goblin Man into Sundance this year. Chances are slim, but we'll see how it goes.

Ryan Marlow said...

"The main problem is the intentions of this project have sort of changed."

That's been my problem. The last short I tried to write turned into a feature length that I could never produce as a no-budget film.

If you don't get into Sundance with Goblin Man that will make me think twice as hard about my next "short" script.

Btw, beating up women (on film) always makes me laugh just because it is so wrong.