Friday, September 26, 2008

The Beginning of the End

I'm currently reading a great book called 'The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made', and one chapter specifically deals with the whole Alien 3 debacle. Multiple writers were brought on board to take on the task of writing a follow up to James Cameron's brilliant 'Aliens', and it seems like nobody could really settle on anything good enough. It's pretty clear that those involved were feeling the pressures of the financial and critical success of the first two films. The thing that blew my mind was the fact that David Fincher ended up starting production on the film with only 40 or so written pages of script. Sometimes he would be handed scenes on the day and have to quickly think on his feet. Knowing all that, I think he did a pretty amazing job. Personally, I enjoyed Alien 3, even if it's undeniably flawed in certain ways. It sucks not knowing how your film is going to end.

This is sort of what I'm dealing with now. I have a written ending to Colore Non Vedenti, but I've never been very satisfied with it. It was too easy, and the logistics behind it were questionable. It was sort of just an excuse to shoot at the Blue Ghost Tunnel, a great location that I think is creepier in person than it would be on film. (See the Colore Non Vedenti Video Diary #1) So after the failed lighting test, I decided to re-evaluate the ending (and parts of the script) in order to try and come up with something with a little more conflict. I think I have come up with something that's much better, but I'm still trying to get over that final step. There's something missing. Also, this new ending has added two new locations to the shoot, both of which will require some work to secure and shoot in.

So now, I sit and think, listen to music, read, watch movies, and wait for the idea to come. Until then, shooting continues.


Ian said...

Well if you want somebody to take a look at the script and give some friendly advice I'd be glad. I've taken the classes and I know you have too but sometimes it's nice to be able to bounce something off an uninvolved party.

Jay C. said...

Thanks Ian, I'll keep that in mind. I might take you up on that in the near future.

Drewbacca said...

Either nuclear bomb/holocaust or "the butler did it." Two perfectly good outcomes.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

Ian said...

cool, I've got a decent bit of freetime right now and I do enjoy working out stories.

Ryan Marlow said...

Dude! I had no idea Fincher was working without a script! Now I can't blame him for Alien 3 being so boring. (And yes people do hate on it like it was as bad as Resurrection.)