Monday, September 29, 2008

Studio Logos

So today I was thinking about production company names and logos. It seems as though some folks think my 'Young & Fast Productions' name contains too much sexual innuendo. Personally, I think it's a litmus test, determining the perversion levels of those who read it. For me, it came from 'Young, Fast & Scientific' (The title I wanted to use for my time travel doc) and was shortened to just 'Young & Fast'. Anyways, I started thinking about some of my favourite studio logos that I remember most clearly from my childhood. There's actually quite a few. If I had the chance to make a film and was allowed to put ANY studio logo at the head of it, it would be one of the following:

Tri-Star Pictures

Carolco Logo

Cannon Logo

New Line Cinema

United Artists (I always thought this one was oddly creepy)


Ian said...

Oh yeah that United Artists one always scared me as a kid. Man those older logos were so much better. Caroloco is for Rambo, Tri-Star is for The Black Stallion, Cannon is for some Chuck Norris movies. I think your style fits best with something retro akin to the New Line one.

Jay C. said...

Yeah, that New Line logo rules.

Drew said...

The New Line logo is my favorite to.

Ryan Marlow said...

I'm with the hivemind on that New Line logo and I agree that it is so you.

I'd like to bring to your attention my personal fave as seen before the greatest kung-fu films of all time:

(P.S. It's a bit better in 2:35.1 but those were shit quality.)

Jay C. said...

Haven't seen that one before. Definitely awesome though.

I also like the old Shaw Bros. logo.