Saturday, August 1, 2009

Colore Non Vedenti Is Now Finished and Online!!!

It’s way overdue, but our short film project ‘Colore Non Vedenti’ is now officially complete and online! What started off as a ten minute Film Junk short for Halloween of ‘08 slowly grew into something a little bigger than expected, resulting in a months long process that was definitely a fun learning experience. A big thanks to all of those who helped get this thing finished — be sure to read the end credits! — and a big thanks to the Film Junkies who waited patiently for this to finally come to fruition! I hope you guys enjoy it. You can check out the final film at, where you’ll also find multiple commentary tracks — featuring Jay, Sean, Reed (Gerry), Tom Baychuck, Roman and star David Tompa — and some behind the scenes video diaries! This whole thing was basically an exercise in no-budget filmmaking that gave us an opportunity to be creative and experiment, and I love the idea of throwing these things up online for everyone to see. I hope you enjoy!

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Anthony J Frame said...

Nice...some color references to Suspiria perhaps?! What did you use for sound? Or was it just the microphone on the camera?