Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back in Business

So after a month long hiatus, we're back at it. We're sitting at about 3/4 shot at this point, and this past Sunday we managed to get a good chunk of footage in the virtual can. Thanks to Roman, we were lucky enough to shoot in a kick ass location. An office space that seems trapped in the 1970's. Check out the pics below!



Baychuk said...

Who's the hottie, Jay?

Man, where are you getting these high class actors from? I'm starting to feel a bit "self conscious". :P

Ian said...

Your actress has great hair! And the implication of a long hallway with shelves of fileboxes excites me to see the final product even more.

Baychuk said...

After filming the closing scenes it was neat to see this setting in real life. Blast from the 70's! Quite the office for sure.