Thursday, October 16, 2008

Colore Non Vedenti/Goblin Man in The Brock Press

We just had an article written about us in the Brock Press. For those out of towners, it's the local university newspaper. The best part of the article is the continuing confusion over who actually directed The Goblin Man of Norway. "Though Cheel may not have directed the film, he certainly left his mark as cinematographer, editor and music editor. He and director Howard Byrackk gained access to exclusive interviews with the key figures behind the discovery in northern Norway, and gives viewers an inside look at the controversy surrounding the Goblin Man." (Prince of Darkness fans should recognize Howard Birack as portrayed by the awesome Victor Wong) You can read the full article here. Thanks to Dario Ayala and Matt Hadley for the hook up!


Drew said...

Jay, in five years or so when your a big new director in the indie scene please keep in contact with your fans from the beginning.

Henrik said...

Just stay on their goode side Drew!

Baychuk said...

Awesome! I'm going to get Sandy to snag me a copy.