Saturday, October 4, 2008

Big Weekend

It's Saturday, and today is the start of a pretty big weekend shoot. Come Monday, we will be about 70% finished shooting Colore Non Vedenti. All that will be left is our last minute ending, which at this point, has become quite the challenge in terms of getting good locations. I'm sure it will work out though.

Tonight we'll be going to a local diner called 'The Lancer' to shoot a scene in which Jack, our 'hero', shows up to answer a call about issues with their cable. (He's a cable guy) The challenge with this scene is the restaurant closes at 7:30 and they want us out by 10. That's two and a half hours to shoot a four page scene. Luckily, they're usually dead on Saturday nights, so we will take some time during their open hours to set up and get some cutaways. It will be tight, but we should be able to pull it off. After this, we'll drive about 30 minutes to a truck stop diner along the QEW highway. Here we'll be doing the exterior of the diner, which consists of the van fight scene that we'd shot some van interiors for last week. That will be three locations representing one. We'll see how well it all matches!

Sunday we'll be doing two scenes as well. The first is the final scene of the film. We'll be shooting it at the Thorold Can View Drive In. I'm pretty excited for this because as some of you Film Junk podcast followers know, we're huge fans of the local drive in theatre. We try to catch as many films there throughout the drive in season as we can. They also have awesome poutine and pickles at their snack bar. Anyways, now that the weather is getting cooler, they have shut down one of their screens, so we'll be using that empty lot for our scene. Hopefully we'll get some nice 'magic hour' lighting as well. The scene isn't very complex, other then some simple bruise make up. Should be good.

Finally, we're finishing up our 'dinner party' scene. We'd previously shot the opening and ending to this scene, so this shoot will only be the dialogue heavy middle. It's definitley not a light scene, but luckily there's only one location and not much happening other than dialogue. The main challenge is keeping all the eyelines in order at a six person table.

So that's it for this weekend. If we get everything done that we need to get done, we'll be in a very good position. Sean will be shooting some behind the scenes footage, so hopefully I'll have something for you guys to look at this week! Stay tuned!


Ian said...

Oh man good luck with the Diner; sounds like you're on it. A dinner table scene can be tough as all hell my only advice is something I'm sure you know: shoot Master Scene and be sure that the first few takes are wides showing everybody at that table while the actors are reasonably fresh. Worse case scenario you'll have a wide shot to cut back to in editing.

Ryan Marlow said...

That shot at the top is awesome. Really want to find out why she is slobbering and what the Hell that is in the background.